About Us

Hello there! Welcome to Welrod Games. A brief overview about who we are and what we create.

Welrod Games is a small indie development team that has worked on multiple design and development projects since forming in 2011.  They have created numerous levels, scripts, scenes, videos and mods using various development tools such as Unreal Engine, Source, Maya and Substance Designer/Painter.

In the summer of 2004 Derek Krisky(SS_CUBS) age 17 and Ed Reatherford(FMF.KRYPTON1TE) age 14 met playing Electronic Arts 2003 game Medal of Honor Rising Sun on Playstation 2 online.  They both grew to have a passion for the game and the simplistic but detailed environments that encompassed them.  Along with a strong affection for the straightforward but tactical arena shooter style game play and community based interface.  Medal of Honor Rising Sun would house a lifetimes worth of great memories, intense clan battles and daily conversations that would help grow a friendship far beyond the battlefield.  After the server shutdown in January 2007 they were in constant search to fill the void Medal of Honor Rising Sun left behind.  They played many great and inspiring shooters along the way but none were able to produce the same level of excitement that they had previously experienced.  In 2011 they began to explore the idea of creating there own games seeing as the direction shooters were going was getting less appealing to the style they sought.

The base of Welrod Games was just underway with no idea where or how to start they stumbled upon Source SDK and began to prototype creating a remake of Medal of Honor Rising Sun.  When Ed first laid out the geometry of the Calumpit Chaos remake they both realized that game development had gone from something they hoped to try to something that would become a full time passion.  While the Rising Sun project has had on and off development cycles they have been able to explore all levels of game development while expanding to new software and programming tools. They have since seen the project routinely in the top 5,000 of 28,000 mods among moddb.com and are currently planning on releasing some of the mod content for New World Interactives Day of Infamy on steam.

Welrod Games continues to make content and both members continue to create games over numerous development tools.  Please feel free to check out each individual portfolio for a detailed descriptions of our works.

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