Collection of previous and current work

A collection of current and past works by Derek Krisky and Ed Reatherford of Welrod Games.


Rising Sun Source Online

Source Sdk – 2013

Geometry by Ed Reatherford

Visuals by Derek Krisky



Unreal Engine 4 – 2016

Map conversion, Re-texturing, Visual Effects, Matinee Recording, and Video Editing By Derek Krisky


Unannounced World War 2 Competitive Online Shooter in Unreal Engine 4 – 2016


Winter Scene by Derek Krisky



Map layout by Ed Reatherford


A video showing the Effects and Controls added into our game with a skeletal mesh error being solved. Animations are place holders.


Effects – Bullet Glow, Debug Bullet System, Projectile Physics, Rapid Color Changing Material, Grenade Fuse Spark, Grenade Explosion, Grenade Smoke Trail, Grenade Physics. Controls added – Fire, Crouch, Jump, Center View, Grenade Throw, Zoom. ¬†Missing – Fire Animation, Reload ‘Implementations have been added but not seen in video’

Sound Recording at Battlefield Vegas

M1 Garand and Sten recorded by Derek Krisky







One thought on “Collection of previous and current work

  1. Cubbs & Krypto.. What’s up guys? It’s Psycho_.JuGgs . This project looks pretty awesome. Love the idea. You guys still working on this? I miss MOH. I would play RS right now if I could.


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