Collection of previous and current work

A collection of current and past works by Derek Krisky and Ed Reatherford of Welrod Games.


Rising Sun Source Online

Source Sdk – 2013

Geometry by Ed Reatherford

Visuals by Derek Krisky



Unreal Engine 4 – 2016

Map conversion, Re-texturing, Visual Effects, Matinee Recording, and Video Editing By Derek Krisky


Unannounced World War 2 Competitive Online Shooter in Unreal Engine 4 – 2016


Winter Scene by Derek Krisky



Map layout by Ed Reatherford


A video showing the Effects and Controls added into our game with a skeletal mesh error being solved. Animations are place holders.


Effects – Bullet Glow, Debug Bullet System, Projectile Physics, Rapid Color Changing Material, Grenade Fuse Spark, Grenade Explosion, Grenade Smoke Trail, Grenade Physics. Controls added – Fire, Crouch, Jump, Center View, Grenade Throw, Zoom. ┬áMissing – Fire Animation, Reload ‘Implementations have been added but not seen in video’

Sound Recording at Battlefield Vegas

M1 Garand and Sten recorded by Derek Krisky