Derek Krisky Portfolio

Overview of work using the following programs

Unreal Engine 4, Substance Painter/Designer/Bitmap2Material, Maya, Houdini, Source SDK, Hammer Editor, UE4 matinee/sequencer, UE4 Blueprints, Word Pad++ Script writing, GIMP 2, Adobe Fuse, Goldwave and many more.

Rising Sun remake 2012 – Hammer Editor

About this project – This was the start of our entrance into game development geometry was done by Ed Reatherfod in the Hammer Editor.  The project is a multiplayer remake of the 2003 title Medal of Honor Rising Sun by EA Games.




  • Texturing and lighting on maps.
  • Exploratory work with Source SDK and C++ on Microsoft Visual Studios.
  • Adding models and scripts for weapon functionality.
  • Updating and managing community members.

Rising Sun mod for Day of Infamy 2016-2017

About this project – Took our existing source maps from the previous source project and brought them into Day of Infamy developed by New World Interactive.  Created three additional Rising Sun maps and decompiled an redesigned six Day of Infamy maps to create small arena style maps.  Complete game-play overhaul using theater files, server cfg’s and map entities to introduce faster game mechanics and new game modes like team death match and 3rd person elimination.  Scripted health pick ups, random spawning system, cross hairs and implemented new textures to take advantage of NWI’s custom GGX shaders for source engine.

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  • Lighting, texturing, prop detailing, color grading, compiling and geometry editing on all maps
  • All scripting – Health pickups, materials, gameplay scripts, server configurations, game modes and more.
  • Generated navigational maps and adjust map entities to operate bots on all maps.
  • Managed overall project development and communicated with NWI developers on a daily basis.
  • Organized weekly test plays with community members and NWI developers.
  • Managed content such as taking and uploading screenshots, communicating with community members, managing and organizing all files for steam workshop.

First UE4 scene 2015

About this project – First attempt at creating a scene from scratch for UE4 video clip at the end of Calumpit Chaos UE4 video below


Calumpit Chaos in UE4 2016

About this project – A solo level important project primarily done to generate a larger knowledge base of Unreal Engine 4. Converting Hammer VMF file into a UE4 map via Hammeur plugin for UE4.


  • Importing scene correcting meshes, texturing, lighting and effects.
  • Filming and editing scene.

Unreleased World War II FPS/TPS Project 2016

A video showing use of blueprint coding for multiplayer/gameplay and error fixing.

Custom models and materials


Map based of of the Nazi occupation of Madagascar.  Level block off by Ed Reatherford.


  • Materials building, texturing, effects and mesh placement.
  • Custom character models made with adobe fuse.
  • Character, weapon and environment model texturing using Substance programs.
  • Game play scripting and character control +using Unreal Engine 4 blueprints.
  • Multiplayer sessions, character customization, pregame lobbies, menus and other UI functionality via blue print scripting.
  • Versioning control.

Other Example Works

About this project – Photo taken in Chicago, Il. and material channels generated in Substance.

In use


UE4 scene


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